March 28, 2017 1:30 am
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Influenced by Indian Cuisine this workshop covers meals and beverages that will spark inspiration for your health.
Covering tips from Raw Foods to Traditional cooking, Fasting, Sprouting and Digestion.
Our menu and cooking demonstration will cover:-

//Onion, Cauliflower and Broccoli Pakora – Cooked version and Raw Version.
//Sprouted Chickpea Flour – Sprouting Guide.
//Raw Dehydrated Naan Bread
//Raw Mali Kofta – Raw Dehydrated Kofta balls with a warmed curry sauce.
//Coconut Kefir Mint Chutney – a flavoured coconut kefir chutney with take home kefir grains for futher fermentation.
//Pickled Carrots – Traditional Indian Spiced Pickled Carrots
//Healing Mung Dal Kitchari – The perfect meal to finish a fast.
//Almond Khir Sweet Beverage
//Tulsi Tea – Enjoy the Queen of Ayurvedic Herbs – freshly brewed with medicinal health benefits chart for your home reading.

Our workshop will focus on the benefits of adding Plants and plant protein into your day to day life no matter what style of eating you follow.
We will go over Raw Foods, Cooking, Sprouting, Pickling, Fermentation, Herbal Remedies and Fasting and its benefits.
Your Booklet will not only contain recipes from the day but also steps and introductory information to Raw Foods, Sprouting, Fermentation and Fasting.
Take Home Kefir Grains for further fermentation.
Limited seats 9.
Costs- $96.00
Location- North Ward, Private residence.
Bookings- Bookings are essential via The Happy Wholesome Kitchen. You can Pm the Facebook page and pay via Direct Debit or You can pay via Pay Pal (visa) on our website:-

Product Name: The Art of Plants - Cooking Workshop - Indian Cuisine Product Price: $96.00

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