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Renew Yourself 30 Day Health Coaching Program.
This program is designed for people who are wanting to make lasting changes to their health. For people who want to quit dieting for good, to know the right food choices for their own body, for those who want to feel empowered by their own knowledge and knowing, those who are ready to say yes to change for the better. Want to feel supported, encouragement and for those who want results!
I have created this program to help you live the best life you deserve to live! The program includes the following:-
+ Over 35 Recipes
Including Raw Food meals, Wholefood meals, Paleo meals, Ferments, Wholegrain’s, Dairy Alternatives, Gluten Alternatives, Refined Sugar alternatives, Healthy salad dressings, sauces, marinades and dips, Smoothies and Herbal Teas for health.
+ 5 Video recipes for those seemingly complicated recipes
+ Shopping List guide
+ Herbal Tea’s for health guide
+ 3 Group Coaching sessions to feel supported, encouraged and connect with others who are on the same page as you.
+ Mind/Body/Balance techniques such as simple breathing exercises, mini meditations, DIY Self care tips and daily gratitude affirmations.
+ 30 days of Health Coaching with a qualified health coach plus on going support to keep you on track Online and Telephone if required.
How it works:-
This is a group program with a maximum of 8 people.
We will have a meet up’s over the 30 days to support, ask questions, speak about what triggers emotional eating and how to support these times and how to change them for the better.
You will recieve your 35+ recipes to get you inspired for change.
You will recieve your booklet of self care for at home and how to implement these everyday to be the best version of you you can be.
If you want change for yourself, ask yourself these questions.
” Am I ready to make change for myself, in a slow, kind way?”
” What are my goals?”
AND the most important
“WHY do i want this?
If you know your ready for this, join me in this journey!
Who is this suitable for?
People starting out on their health journey, transitioning from processed foods, have dietary intolerances, experiencing digestion issues, experience emotional eating, those who want to stop dieting and make friends with food for good!
This program is Vegetarian & Vegan Friendly – Gluten free and Dairy Free.
Program commences on the 21st of October
for 30 days.
First meet up to 21/10
Kicking off with goal setting, an accountability partner, receive all your recipes, a mini meditation and a healthy lunch.
Where:- Queens Gardens
When:- 21st Oct
COSTS of the whole program:-
Maximum of 8 people.
Purchase tickets via the website link provided.
Payment plans available, please ask if you would like to discuss.
Product Name: Renew Yourself 30 Day Program Product Price: $330.00

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