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IBS, Leaky Gut, Depression, Anxiety, Belly headaches, Belly migranes, Poor sleep, Poor memory, Skin conditions…. the list goes on.

What is all of that? They are all SYPMTOMS of an unhealthy gut flora. I know because I have been there!

I know because I have healed my symptoms of poor digestion health! My mission is to help you, heal yours!

How do we do that? By eating the right foods!

Did you know that adding fermented foods, raw foods and whole foods into your diet can help heal and repair the lining of our gut?

Did you know our bodies are constantly regenerating themselves and CAN be healed as quickly as 21 days?

If you experience any of these symptoms and are sick and tired of hearing there’s no help then you must come and meet me.

I could not tolerate dairy, gluten, grains, basically anything that wasn’t a vegetable about 5 years ago. I have healed my gut and can eat most of the things that would have me crippled in pain for days.

So this workshop is designed and created for you to understand how you can also heal your symptoms and lead a happy, healthy life!

Over our play shop, and I call it a play shop because you get to be HANDS ON by creating your own goods to take home!

We will be covering:-

RAW Fermented Sauerkraut which you get to take home.

We will make some super boosted probiotic coconut yoghurt with a berry swirl.

We will make a jar of raw pickled veggies 2 ways.

And I am going to demonstrate for you how to make your own easy peasy Gluten Free Macadamia Bread loaf.

I will make you a delicious meal and dessert for you to eat before you go as well.

RECAP of what you get for the evening:-

1x Jar of fermented sauerkraut to take home

1x Jar of dairy alternative yoghurt

1x Jar of raw fermented pickled cucumber and red onion

MILK KEFIR GRAINS TO TAKE HOME. (Contains dairy, however is lactose free)

a Booklet filled with further fermentation instructions for home, the book will also include my GF bread recipe and a couple of super user friendly raw treat recipes.

A Dinner and Raw dairy free/gluten free cheesecake for dessert.

I am a certified health coach and I can not wait to teach you some healthy healing culinary skills!

WHEN- 11th August, 2018

TIMES:- 11am – 1:30pm



Please feel free to DM my business page The happy Wholesome Kitchen for any questions you may have.



Product Name: Beginners Heal Your gut Fermentation Playshop Product Price: $90

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