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Do you experience digestive upsets after eating meals? Do you suffer from a slow digestion? Maybe you have intolerance’s to gluten and dairy and are unsure how to correct them.
Fermented Foods are all the rage right now, and it’s for a GOOD reason!
Having poor digestive health does not just show up as signs of constipation or an upset tummy.
It can show up as many signs and signals such as depression, anxiety and most especially IBS.
All of these symptoms are merely your body’s way of telling you, hey! let’s make some changes!
No, this is not a fad. This an evolutionary dietary change that you will reap the benefits of if applied to your daily eating plan.
No matter where your at on your foodie journey, fermenting will easily fit in and change your health for the better!

Join myself and my team on a fun and hands on experience of creating your own sauerkrauts, yoghurts via the amazing living organism “kefir”, learn interesting detoxifying tips and other health tips to better your life in our 2 hour workshop.
We will also teach you how to make easy peasy fridge pickles and fermented veggies to brighten your fridge and tummy!

ALL Jars and equipment is provided.
You get extra Kefir Grains to take home.
We off ongoing support so you will never feel confused or stuck.
You also receive a Recipe booklet filled with over 40 delicious recipes ranging from Raw Food recipes, Raw treat recipes and Wholegrain recipes to keep you inspired for months ahead.

Our business is proudly sponsored the wonderful “The Source Bulk Foods” who offer us their top quality ingredient’s ensuring all your food is made with only the best!

You will also be fed a beautiful hand crafted wholefood lunch which is completely allergy friendly followed by a Raw Treat to satisfy your belly for the rest of the day!
(All food created is gluten and dairy free, however do contain nuts and needs.).

I have spent over 5 years creating healthy nutritious foods as well as being a certified health coach and I LOVE sharing my passion with others.
Our seats are limited to 15.
If you’d like to have the ultimate healthy culinary experience please come to our special workshops! You won’t be disappointed.

LOCATION- PRIVATE RESIDENCE – Announced upon booking
TIMES: 11AM – 1:30PM


Product Name: Fermenting Workshop - Ferment like a Pro Product Price: $90.00

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